Real Time



This effect was created for the Monthly Sketch #19 on The theme was “Destruction”.Link to my thread:

Explosions and Missile Strikes

I’ve had a lot of fun making this effect using Unreal Engine and Houdini! I made the texture atlas in Houdini using Billowy Smoke. I masked out the bottom and top part of the smoke to get a smokeball. I also created a normal map for the shockwave in Houdini which I edited in Photoshop. In the material editor of Unreal Engine I gave the texture an alpha mask which

Drone Escape Thruster

This effect is made for a project we’re doing in collaboration with Little Chicken.Concept art was made by Robin Raaphorst: Drone 3D model was made by Joëlla van Dijk:

Shinbi Character Effects

These are all the personal effects I made with Paragon’s Shinbi. I’ve had lots of fun with this character and I hope I have the time to do more in the near future!

Snow Footsteps

I tried to create footsteps in snow in Unity 3D! The footsteps also disappear after a while due to snowfall. For this I made three shaders and two C# scripts.

Power Transmission