Questionmark Industries (C#)

description: Questionmark Industries is a interactive VR experience, in which the player is placed behind a desk with various objects in front of him, that he can interact with. The player has to perform monotonous tasks and has to wonder if there’s more to it than that. In this project I programmed the entire gameplay and the events that happen around the player. I also tested it on the Gear

Snake Cave (C#)

Description: Snake Cave is like the classic Snake, where you control a snake that grows longer with every piece of “food” you eat (in this game it’s called candy), but with a random generated border. The goal of this border is to make the game more dynamic and challenging. Every playthrough is different and maybe even easier/more difficult. The player can also choose between three difficulties in the options menu:

Platformer Editor Tool (C#)

Video:  Description: What is the Platformer Editor Tool? The Platformer Editor Tool is a tool for quickly creating and editing platformer levels. It’s based on drawing pixel maps of your level and then mapping each colour to a GameObject. The tool will detect each colour in your texture and shows this in a list, from where you can select prefabs. After clicking on “Generate Level” the prefabs will be placed

Power Transmission

Description: Power Transmission is a game me and my team made for the Global Game Jam 2018. We made this at the location of Hogeschool van Amsterdam. It’s co-op game in which you have to share your abilities with a fellow player to solve the puzzles and progress to the next level. The game can be played on PC or Mac with two Xbox controllers. I worked mainly on gameplay,