Who am I and what do I do?

Before we start I want to give a short introduction about myself. My name is Celine and I’m a Realtime Visual Effects artist, graduating from University of the Arts, Utrecht in The Netherlands.

As a Realtime Visual Effects artist I work on things that are a digital mix between art and tech, where I focus on supporting game design and art direction in video games. My work has a lot to do with performance and player feedback in contrast to Visual Effects in the film industry. In a lot of cases the effects I make have to be viewable from different angles, which is why I pay attention to the details. In a game, an effect can be viewed while there’s also more effects or other processes running that could influence the performance of the software. That’s why I always have to pay attention to performance and optimization and why I have to search for creative solution inside the limits given.

To create my effects, I always make use of a variety of software and digital art techniques. The subject of a work determines most often the software and the approach I take to creating an effect. My effects tend to portray most often a realistic image of reality, in combination with a touch of fantasy and impactful movements and timing.

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