Sleepy Creeps (C#)



Sleepy Creeps is a small game I made inside an environment I modeled in Autodesk Maya. Only the player and enemy models aren’t mine.

It’s a highscore game in which you have to find as much glowing objects as possible before it gets dark and the enemies wake up.

Started: May 2017
Finished: June 2017


Source Code


The following script is the Enemy Controller. For the enemies, I’ve used a simple Finite State Machine, because the enemies have only three states, so the transitions are manageable.

If the enemy is in a Sleep state, the state itself checks when it’s night and if they are in Idle or Move, the states check when it’s day. The enemies go from Idle to Move when the player is close enough and won’t stop following him until the light comes up and they fall asleep.