Poppa Milk (C#)


For this project, we were asked by the University of Utrecht to make a game about durability. We grouped together with a student from the UU to focus on circular economy.

Our game “Poppa Milk” is about an old milk bottle who teaches a young piece of glass “Soy Boy” about circular economy. In three levels whe focused on “Reuse,” “Recycle,” and “Remanufacture.” The game is heavily focused on narrative. It has dialogue from Poppa and Soy Boy. However, to get a taste of the narrative, the player is not required to read it. By just playing the game, the message is also transferred.

It’s a 2D platformer in which you can walk and jump around and change into other products. The game can be played as a standalone application and on Android.

Started: January 2018
Finished: March 2018


This is the system I made to make the game multiplatform. I wanted to keep the game code and the input code seperated, so that’s why I made an abstract class called “InputSystem” in which I returned the correct input system according to the player’s platform.

In the following script I handle the specific input code for PC, Mac and Linux, but for simplicity I called it “InputPC”.

This is where the magic for the mobile input happens. It has a few more steps than InputPC, because I can’t just access the input axes build in by Unity and have to detect the touchscreen touches manually.