As you may have seen from the URL of this website, my name is Celine de Wijs and this is my personal portfolio for Game Programming.

I’ve been playing games since I was very young. I remember laying on the carpet of my living room with my first console game: Hamtaro Ham Ham Heartbreak for the Gameboy Advance.

I really started to develop a passion for it thanks to my History teacher from highschool. I asked him about Assassin’s Creed and he said it was a good and fun way to gain some knowledge about certain events and people in history. That was a good enough excuse for me to get into it. Together with my dad and my little sister, we got the first four games and played them until completion. It got me hooked. I started playing lots of other games, up until the point that I wanted to make them myself.

I applied for the study Game Art at HKU, University of the Arts in Utrecht and I got accepted. During my first year I got introduced to programming, starting with Python in Processing. I fell in love with it. I loved the way I could create visual things with code. Also, the feeling of finally solving a problem I cracked my brain on for a while was was good.
When I finally learned about Unity and C#, I knew I wanted to switch from Art to Development to learn more about programming. So I did.

I focus mainly on programming gameplay.  My skills include working in Unity3D with C#, and a bit of Unreal Engine 4 and C++.